Ethan McSweeny
McSweeny keeps the plot wheels turning…aided by the versatility of Noone's elegant design and Jeff Croiter's textured lighting, lending a cinematic fluidity to the scene transitions.David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter
director Ethan McSweeny keeps the action moving to the decisive closing arguments to convey a...satisfying sense of justice being served.Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly
Tom Skerritt, in his Broadway debut, leans with amusing confidence into the drunken dissipation of the disbarred master lawyer.Linda Weiner, Newsday
Patrick Page is a delightfully over-the-top blend of supercilious and unctuous as the prosecutor who wears his gubernatorial ambitions on his cufflinks.Thomas Geier, Entertainment Weekly
With its ...provocative stance on vigilante justice, this is clearly... an edge-of-the-seat thriller.David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter
the atmosphere in director Ethan McSweeny's crisp, polished production is consistently electric.-Paul Burchall, Stage and Cinema
the focus is squarely on the courtroom…director Ethan McSweeny [uses] a turntable set that pulls us into the action. We watch the defendant, Carl Lee Hailey, as a jury would; played by the magnificent John Douglas Thompson...we are moved by his anguish, rage, obstinance and dignity.-Elysa Gardner, USA Today
Jake Brigance, an idealistic young lawyer... seems both greener and more ambitious, traits that Sebastian Arcelus' nimble performance emphasizes, without making Jake less admirable.Elyse Gardner, USA Today
Most notable is Thompson as the unrepentant vigilante. Hailey could have been indigestibly dignified and tragic, but thanks to Thompson's gruff yet light touch, he's richly human: neither fully innocent nor guilty.David Cote, Time Out
Playwright Rupert Holmes and director Ethan McSweeny have faithfully adapted the text for the stage [with an] impressive ensemble cast, which includes John Douglas Thompson as Hailey, Tonya Pinkins as Hailey's wife and Ashley Williams as a smart law student with sex appeal.-Matt Windman, amNY
Page...wraps himself in Southern smarm, wielding an oily smile and lowering his voice to a fiendish basso croak...he had the audience eating out of his hand — that is, rooting solidly against him. Elyse Gardner, USA Today
Fred Dalton Thompson is no stranger to the courtroom from his time on Law & Order. The actor finds both gravitas and humor in the aforementioned Judge Noose, who amuses with his limited patience both for the D.A.'s showboating and Jake's cockiness.David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter
The show does possess a huge central figure whose star turn encompasses all the other roles put together. No, I am not talking about Fred Dalton Thompson, whose matter of fact harrumphing is indeed perfect for his role as the deliciously named Judge Noose. I am talking about the turntable which whisks the courtroom about so the lawyers are, at one point, facing us as they address the jury, and then rotates again so that the judge is talking to us. It's quite a nice theatrical device.Paul Burchall, Stage and Cinema

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By Rupert Holmes
Based on a novel by John Grisham

John Golden Theater

Sets - James Noone
Lights - Jeff Croiter
Costumes - David C. Woolard
Sound - Lindsay Jones
Projection Designer - Jeff Sugg