Ethan McSweeny
Under the crisply paced direction of Ethan McSweeny, "Rx" zips along the curves of its plot with brisk conviction. A smart, sweet play.Charles Isherwood, New York Times
A winning combination of light satire and romance, the play pokes gentle fun at our overprescribed culture. Elizabeth Rich plays Phil's rapacious boss, Allison, with hilarious verve.Charles Isherwood, New York Times
Enjoyable writing, breezy direction by Ethan McSweeny, and some well-crafted performances from actors like Marin Hinkle, Stephen Kunken, and Marylouise Burke. Hinkle and Kunken make a delightful onstage couple. Burke is pointedly amusing yet fetchingly earnestMatthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway
Ms. Fodor's smart, sweet play suggests that the endorphins released by garden-variety love may be the most reliable mood-enhancing drug on the market today.Charles Isherwood, New York Times
Ideal entertainment for neurotic people living in anxious times. Kate Fodor's comic tone is well-balanced. A loveable performance (by) Marylouise Burke. A delicious portrayal by Elizabeth Rich. Lee Savage's compact set is cleverly outfitted. Frequent scene changes are not only efficiently executed, they're also fun to watch.Marilyn Stasio, Variety
The show works like a multisymptom med: As it sends up our cultural obsession with pills to cure everything (plop, plop), it skewers self-serving drug companies (fizz, fizz). The acting by the ensemble and direction by Ethan McSweeny are fleet-footed.Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News
The wonderful actress Marylouise Burke, an expert at creating appealingly unsentimental portraits of dotty older women, provides wry comic relief.Charles Isherwood, New York Times
Kate Fodor's piercing new comedy 'Rx' contains equally strong dosages of satire and insight. A solid cast and keen direction from Ethan McSweeny perfectly balance the wickedly funny social barbs with compassionate portraiture. The show is an effective prescription from Primary Stages for an anemic theater season. David Sheward, Backstage
Marin Hinkle is at once hilarious and touchingly vulnerable.Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up
Elizabeth Rich gives a ferociously funny performance.Jennifer Ferrar, Associated Press

Rx [New York Premiere]

by Kate Fodor

Primary Stages 2012

Sets - Lee Savage
Lights - Mathew Richards
Costumes - Andrea Lauer
Sound - Lindsay Jones