Ethan McSweeny
I know The Stratford Festival has had success with G&S in the past but I had no idea how director Ethan McSweeney was going to make this work. I underestimated Ethan McSweeney. I should have known better…his head is full of problem-solving, re-inventing brilliance. Kelly Bedard,
The success of the production rests largely with director Ethan McSweeny. From the opening bars to the final scene, this is an imaginative, funny, well-sung, exuberant production that provides a thrilling night at the theatre. McSweeny is clever, inventive and simply brilliant.James Karas, Karas Reviews
McSweeny presents a frothy…clever, lighthearted Penzance… able to add comedy in unlikely places.JT Jordan, The Independent
I thought this revival was a picnic and a sure crowd-pleaser.Herbert M. Simpson,
Arbuckle completely steals the show with oddball verbosity, grandiose showmanship, amusingly inconvenient morality and heartrendingly lovable thin skin.Kelly Bedard,
Steve Ross is superb as the Sergeant of the Police, a Keystone Kops type of force that wears Union Jack underwear.James Karas, Karas Reviews
Kyle Blair's Frederic is a delightful yet innocent seeker of adventure, while Amy Wallis…as Mabel [shows] that she possesses one of the finest set of pipes the festival is showcasing this year.Geoff Dale
He begins with a nifty, 19th century, backstage theme during the overture. A montage of backstage antics is organized and easy for the eye to follow (not a small feat).JT Jordan, The Independent
Ethan McSweeny directs this Pirates of Penzance with much wit and invention...Herbert M. Simpson,
McSweeny's enjoyable show … is bursting with ideas and amusements.Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
The incorporation of elements of the Steampunk movement into the basic design is both successful and unique. Geoff Dale
Kyle Blair's Frederic has a lovely lyric tenor and is amusingly held to quiet innocence as a male-ingenue hero, until he finally gets into the pirates vs. policemen struggle.Herbert M. Simpson,
McSweeny gets some playfully offbeat settings for the pirate's ship, the seacoast, and the Major General's spooky digs, and makes humorous blockings for Anna Louizos' interesting, mysterious designs for them. But I thought Howell Binkley's virtuosic lighting really made the effects and deserved applause.Herbert M. Simpson,
Gabrielle Jones is both a strong-voiced contralto and a very funny comedienne playing Frederic's faithful nursemaid, Ruth. Paul Tazewell's costumes are flavorful and often silly, and I won't describe his hilarious outfit for Ruth in Act II because it's too nutty a gag to spoil. Some of what he does with the Major General's daughters and nieces is a hoot.Herbert M. Simpson,


by Gilbert & Sullivan
Stratford Shakespeare Festival 2012

Sets - Anna Louizos
Lights - Howell Binkley
Costumes - Paul Tazewell
Sound - Jim Neal
Choreography - Marcos Santana
Musical Direction - Franklin Brasz
Orchestrations - Michael Starobin
Arrangments - Mark Camilleri