Ethan McSweeny
The Persians at the NAT
Timely...Relevant...Heart-wrenching...Terrifying...a true classic. We see the present and future right there, inside the past. Ellen McLaughlin serves and uses "The Persians" with true power and grace. She is well served by the lean, stark production. Aeschylus emphasized that the gods shaped our fates. Ms. McLaughlin concentrates on our own actions. Goaded by pride and greed, we invite the fate and nature to do their worst, the gods are not to blame. Director Ethan McSweeny makes each detai embody this theme.-Margo Jefferson, The New York Times

The Persians

By Aeschylus, translated by Ellen McLaughlin

National Actors' Theatre 2003

Sets - James Noone
Lights - Kevin Adams
Costumes - Jess Goldstein
Sound & Music - Michael Roth