Ethan McSweeny
Ethan McSweeny's production of this slice of late 18th century French sensual intrigue is not only impeccably stylish, acerbically intelligent and mordantly funny, but it packs a truly erotic kick that is very welcome indeed.Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star
Technically, the show is Stratford at its best. Santo Loquasto creates a chilling world of metallic elegance, which respects the original period, but still gives everything a soulless modern edge. His costumes make everyone look eminently seduceable and the lighting of Robert Thomson knows when to blast us with cold white light, or dazzle us with rock 'n' roll primary colours.Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star
McSweeny, for someone who has never directed on the Festival stage before, shows an astonishing command of how to make that mystic space work. His direction is clear, precise, pointed, always showing us what we need to see, or – in the case of his detailed scene changes that involve the servants – showing us things we never expected to see as well.Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star
One moment early in Act II when McCamus and McKenna collapse on a settee in glee over one of their evil plots not only sums up their relationship, but showed the audience accepting them as well.Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star
This is world-class theatre and we should be thrilled to have it on our doorstep.Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star
Director Ethan McSweeny and designer Santo Loquasto have pulled off a stunner.Paula Citron, Classical 963FM
Impressively directed by Ethan McSweeny and lavishly designed by Santo Loquasto, this is a compelling production.John Coulbourne, QMI Agency
As the conniving Marquise, McKenna uses a blazing sense of femininity and a razor-sharp intellect to conceal a heart so hard and cold that it could probably crush diamonds.John Coulbourne, QMI Agency
McCamus brings enough charm and swagger …that he seduces his audience with the same ease with which he undoes the virtue of the lovely young CecileJohn Coulbourne, QMI Agency
As the tightly wound Tourvel, Topham loosens her corseted conscience only inch by inch - and the slow seduction only makes it all the hotter. It's indeed impressive that she stays upright as long as she does, because she and McCamus have some truly sensational chemistry.J. Kelly Nestruck


Christopher Hampton
Stratford Shakespeare Festival 2010

Sets - Santo Loquasto
Lights - Robert Thomson
Costumes - Santo Loquasto
Sound - Todd Charlton
Music Consultation - Michael Roth